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суббота, 7 июня 2014 г.

My Top Answers on Quora

In this post, I would like to provide an overview of my best answers given on Quora, one of the most popular Q&A websites in English. I've collected the top answers according to vote counts as well as my own preference and folded them into four high-level topics. Enjoy!


For any Soviet-born person (for me too), this question is familiar and painful. Therefore, my answer amalgamates logical conclusions with rather subjective opinions.

The answer is mainly about immortal masterpieces in Russian literature from 19th and 20th centuries and authoritative historical studies.


The background of the answer is as follows. Some time ago, I was fond of V. Nabokov's legacy, including his literary analysis works. Then, I found his foreword to a novel "A Hero of Our Time", where Nabokov dissects a poem "Dream" (1841) by Mikhail Lermontov, a greatest Russian poet. In this poem, the concept of layered dreams was clearly introduced. For the first time? Perhaps, not. If you are aware of some earlier prototypes, please comment below. Though, that's curious that the key idea of the complex plot of a contemporary blockbuster could be invented much earlier before that by a 19th century Russian poet. Anyway, Cristopher Nolan's movie is extremely amusing and watchable.

While it's hardly a matter to argue with people who mention the Velvet Undeground (RIP Lou Reed), to my mind, Pixies were a good try!

A. Tarkovsky's Solaris, in any sense.

Computers & Programming

Here are some reasons. All right, I used to be an Ubuntu user;)

All the credit for this answer goes to an excellent book "Java Concurrency in Practice".

Machine Learning

My answer covers two reliable sources: the list of Bradford Cross, a co-founder of Prismatic, along with the list of Michael Jordan from UC Berkeley (no, not a basketball player). These books can give anyone an excellent foundation for learning this demanding area of research.

The answer is based on my personal experience, since I took this great course of a machine learning star Geoffrey Hinton (many thanks to him, his TAs and Coursera).

My answer refers to Oliver Woodford's explanation of this algorithm invented by Geoffrey Hinton. Interestingly, the answer neighbors with the one (and better one!) given by Yoshua Bengio, a machine learning pundit and deep learning guru, who is, luckily, very productive not only in the research, but also on Quora. His account is worth following, without question.

No surprise that my answer describes our research lab's project iCQA.

The answer is simple. Follow Thorsten Joachims!


That's all. There is the full list of my answers on Quora.

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